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Message to Prospective Customer

Freight forwarders, logistical providers, NVOCC, supply chain management, transportation specialists, door to door: You've heard all the jargon, but what does it mean?

As you can imagine, it means a lot of different things to different people. We don't care what it means, we want to know what YOU want.

We know what you don't want. If you've spent several days, and possibly nights, getting your shipment ready for export, painstakingly attending to the quality and specifications demanded by your buyer, do you want to risk yoru cargo with just any freight forwarder?

One wrong decision and you cargo could get shut out, damaged, delayed, or sent to the wrong destination.

Worse, the freight forwarder you've used could go bankrupt and the shipping Line will sell your cargo to clear his dues.

Remember, when you hand over your cargo to a clearing agent or a freight forwarder, you are effectively transferring ownership. You are putting your money in his bank.

  • We are here to listen
  • What you want
  • How you want
  • It's your CHOICE. Tell us your wishes and we will give you our best offer.

We make our money by saving you money, doing things smarter and more economically than you could on your own.

Try us.

Your sincerely,

Adnan Ahmad
/ Anchor Logistics