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Information Technology

Information Technology

The communication systems, fax and email, are all on our intranet as well as systems like marketing information, container inventory, import documentation, finance, and tanker documentation control.

The mentioned systems are all custom developed for local needs with built in EDI links when they need to interface with our Principals systems.

All our email correspondence with our Principals is on our intranet and saved in multiple locations..

We also have EDI links for container control with our Karachi Port container yard. Our bankers have also installed EDI links within our accounts department to monitor balances and expedite remittances.

Our intranet is accessible nationwide for all our offices.

Brief Overview

Hardware :

Two Servers with 80 GB storage, 1 GB memory.

  Ten workstations

  Mobile telephones for access to key personnel.


Our servers are backed up with rotating tape backups, with backups on-site and off-site for full disaster planning. In 1999, we were able to recover from a office fire within 5 days although all our paper records and computers were destroyed.

Also, we have a 40 KVa F.G. Wilson backup generator for our office so as to prevent any service interruptions. We also have a smaller generator for our Karachi Port container yard office. We feel it important that all air conditioners and other systems work properly during the summer months when there are frequent breakdowns. This enables us to give guaranteed service to our principals as well as local clients.